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Julia Fox Wears a Figura Services Shirt in a Garment Bag

Why Did Julia Fox Wear a See-Through Garment Bag as a Dress? We Explore the Options

Julia Fox Wears a Figura Services Shirt in a Garment Bag

Julia Fox is nothing if not consistent with her jaw-dropping outfits, but with her latest look, she challenges the notion of clothing itself. She recently stepped out in London at the Ham Yard Hotel to promote her memoir "Down the Drain" while wearing a clear garment bag around her neck. And the bag-turned-dress displayed a freshly-pressed shirt on a hanger. The Figura Services design hails from the brand's Autumn 2023 collection and was presented similarly on the runway, albeit accessorised with a security tag earring, security seal shoes, and knee socks.

Working with her stylist Briana Andalore, Fox, 33, finished the look with white boxers, pointed-toe knee-high boots, and a geometric shoulder bag. Hairstylist Ben Talbott, who provided red ombré curls, shared a photo of Fox on Instagram Stories and described her aesthetic as "vegas brothel cowgirl chić." Isamaya Ffrench complemented the tones with a mahogany matte lip, highlighter, and blush.

The ensemble could be telling any number of stories, with the most simple being that Fox's fashion statements will never fail to push the envelope. The most complex? Perhaps she doesn't want to be known solely for her revealing looks, so she's choosing to bypass clothing altogether. When Figura Services designers Celeste and Valerio created the piece, they wanted to tap into a "disturbing," or maybe even dehumanising feeling. That may not be Fox's intent, but she certainly is challenging the very definition of clothing here — and also maybe defying gravity because how is the dress staying in place?

In an 18 Oct. episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show," the actress and host channelled Fox's style in a skirt crafted from neck ties and Marc Jacobs 7-inch platform Kiki boots as a nod to the "Uncut Gems" star's headline-making corset worn in May 2023. The onscreen outfit swap was also further proof that whatever Fox wears (or doesn't wear), we're all paying attention.

Ahead, scroll to see a few different angles of the Figura Services garment bag, both on Fox and on the runway.

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