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9 Memorable Fashion Moments That Celebrate Queer Culture

9 Fashion Moments That Celebrate Queer Culture

9 Memorable Fashion Moments That Celebrate Queer Culture
Image Source: Getty/Karwai Tang

Fact: many iconic fashion moments would not exist without the LGBTQ+ community's creativity and impact. That means no RuPaul's Drag Race. No rainbow check walking down the Burberry runway. No sparkly structured suits from Lady Gaga. And no cone bra worn by Madonna in 1990, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Despite a history of oppression and discrimination, the queer community continues to defy gender norms and push fashion into creative, and inclusive, new territory. And today, young designers like Christopher John Rogers, Telfar, Ella Boucht, Nicolas Lecourt Mansio, and more, have all set the stage to continue the conversation.

Although the influence of queer culture is very strong in fashion, the stories often go untold. To honour some of the many looks and events of LGBTQ+ history, we're sharing some memorable moments in recent fashion history. From Billy Porter's incredible red carpet showmanship (hi, Met Gala 2019!) to Karl Lagerfeld's support for equal marriage opportunity on the runway, and so many in between, we're revisiting nine fashion moments that stand up and celebrate queer culture. And, although the nine below are iconic, they barely scratch the surface of the level of impact the influential LGBTQ+ community continues to have on the fashion world.

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