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Klekt CEO Sally Scott on the Future of Sneaker Resale

Klekt: The Sneaker Resale App That's Not Just For Sneakerheads

Fashion resale is at an all-time high, and one part of the industry that's seen a huge rise in resale is sneakers. Thanks to apps like StockX, events like Crepe City, and an increased awareness around sustainability and preowned fashion, resale platforms are the most popular form of buying and selling sneakers. One platform that aims to bring more women into the resale industry is Klekt, an online marketplace that promotes safety and inclusivity. We caught up with Klekt's CEO, Sally Scott, to talk about the app and the future of sneaker resale.

POPSUGAR: What can you tell us about Klekt, for those who haven't heard of it?

Sally Scott: Klekt is an original sneaker marketplace. We bring buyers and sellers of sneakers and streetwear together to help create a community of like-minded individuals. Our industry is predominantly led by new sneaker and streetwear releases, also known as drops, many of which are raffled off, making them harder to get a hold of, kick-starting the hype. This hype then creates demand, and so we create a safe space for our community to buy and sell these products. Everything we sell on site is brand new and in its original packaging, something that's referred to as "deadstock" in the industry. The way it works is that a seller will list the product they want to sell from our catalogue, how much money they want to receive, and voila, the listing is live. After the item has been bought, we notify the seller and give them a free shipping label to send to Klekt HQ for authentication.

Every single item that is sold on the Klekt platform is meticulously inspected by our team of authenticators who have years of experience. We take the verification process very seriously and are proud of our authentication team. Once it's authenticated, we tag the item to say it's passed the "legit check" and ship it off to the buyer. The sneaker community is a great place to be but it can often feel like a private club. We want people to feel welcomed, whether they've been collecting for 20 years or they're just getting started. We want them to feel comfortable and as though they belong to the community. That's what it all boils down to.

PS: How does it feel to be the CEO in an industry that's previously been quite male-dominated?

SS: I think the retail landscape is forever changing and becoming quite diverse. I have been working in retail for over 20 years and I have definitely seen a desire to have more women sitting at the proverbial top table. Having said that, here in the UK, the percentage of women in CEO jobs is still in single digits. When I started out, not a lot of women were in the top jobs, and I have to say that it did affect how I viewed my potential.

If you told the 25-year-old Sally that she would be the CEO of Europe's leading sneaker marketplace, I would have told you you were mad. The young women in our team at Klekt are bright, ambitious, and full of ideas, and I hope we are inspiring and supporting them to go as far as they want to go. I always think that if you are not learning you are leaving, so we try to ensure everyone on our team is learning something new and having fun along the way.

PS: What have you noticed about the increase of women using sneaker resale apps like Klekt?

SS: Women in the resale market are definitely making their mark and taking on the sector in leaps and bounds. Like most marketplaces, we work with female creators, and over the last year we have seen an incredible increase in the number of female sneakerheads promoting and showing off their incredible sneaker collections. We have been so enthralled by this growth that we launched an independent IG account called @klektwomens, which has hit the ground running. There really is a sense of community on this channel and I think this is bridging the gap for female sneakerheads that don't feel as widely represented in the sneaker world.

PS: Apps like StockX can be a little intimidating for those just getting started in sneaker resale. What makes Klekt different?

SS: Klekt first and foremost is about community. We bring together people who love sneakers and streetwear full stop. It's about the communal passion and interest in sneakers and bringing these like-minded people together in a fun and playful way. Our app is super easy to use and you don't need to know anything about the resale market to "get it". For us, it's about making people feel as though they are a part of something, a shared passion and a place where they feel welcomed. We have people in the community who have been collecting for decades and many who are just beginning their sneaker story, but there's no difference in how we treat them. Everyone is welcome at Klekt. The sneaker community can be a daunting place, but we like to think we're changing that. Everything we do we do as a result of how it will benefit the sneaker community and how we can improve as a business.

PS: What do you hope will be the future of sneaker resale? Where do you see the industry going?

SS: I think the resale market is just getting started. For many years, it has been more of an underground movement. However, I think it's much more mainstream and much more attractive to many people now, not just sneakerheads. I mean who wouldn't want to have a pair of sneakers that very few people have? Sneakers are no longer merely footwear — they are a snapshot of who you are. They're not a passing trend — I think they are the foundation of future fashion, especially post-COVID-19, where we have become less formal and much more casual in how we approach dressing. The sneaker market is tipped to exceed $95 billion and the sneaker resale market is set to be worth $6 billion in 2025. I feel confident that Klekt is on the right journey to own a piece of that.

Image Source: Klekt
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