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Valentine's Day Underwear Colour Meaning

Your Valentine's Day Underwear Can Affect Your Romantic Luck

Valentine's Day Underwear Colour Meaning
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Whether you're planning a big Valentine's Day date, staying at home for a loved-up evening, or simply planning on giving yourself some self-love, 14 Feb. means all things heart-shaped and lingerie-focused. But as we browse the high street's underwear offerings, we couldn't help but get a little superstitious. Does the colour of our underwear affect our romantic prospects?

Karen Haller, Colour Psychology Expert and author of The Little Book of Colour, tells POPSUGAR: "Colour is emotion. We are having an emotional response to colour all of the time whether we're conscious of it or not." So it turns out that no matter how adventurous your plans may be, it could be worth sparing an extra thought before choosing that red set or the black two-piece.

Haller explains that colours like red, black, and soft pink have long been associated with feelings of "passion, compassion, and a sense of allure" – emotions that we hope you feel in abundance this Valentine's Day. But of course, underwear and lingerie isn't all about sex or your partner. Choosing a set that makes you feel confident and empowered is just as important, if not moreso.

Haller says that your self-confidence can be boosted by something as simple as wearing your favourite colour. "Expressing your confident self is having the courage to wear the colours you love. So this Valentine's Day, pick the colours that you love, just make sure they don't overwhelm you, otherwise you could start to feel adverse traits of the colour."

Ahead, we've used Haller's psychological advice to find some sultry lingerie suggestions in a range of colours, from cheeky baby doll sets in red to inviting lace bras and thongs in white, that speak to both your confidence and your romantic plans.

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