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See Zoë Kravitz's Engagement Ring From Channing Tatum

Zoë Kravitz's Engagement Ring Comes With a Massive Cushion-Cut Diamond

See Zoë Kravitz's Engagement Ring From Channing Tatum
Image Source: Getty / Arturo Holmes

Zoë Kravitz debuted her engagement ring with Catwoman-level stealth. Two days before news of her engagement to Channing Tatum broke on 30 Oct., the actor stepped out for Kendall Jenner's Halloween party wearing a giant diamond on her left ring finger. We were so busy admiring her and Tatum's coordinating "Rosemary's Baby" costumes that we totally missed the new bling, which is frankly surprising given how enormous it is.

From what we can tell after analysing (read: meticulously zooming in on) paparazzi photos, Kravitz's ring features an elongated cushion-cut diamond that appears to have a bezel setting, meaning it's held in place by a continuous metal rim. The stone is pretty massive, nearly taking up the width of Kravitz's entire finger, while the band is quite thin. Kravitz paired the jewellery with a white nightgown, blonde pixie wig, and fake kitchen knife to embody Rosemary Woodhouse, while Tatum's baby costume consisted of a teal onesie and yellow-trimmed bonnet.

It seems Tatum did some research before purchasing his future wife's new piece of jewellery, because it's right in line with the latest engagement ring trends. Neil Dutta, managing director of jeweller Angelic Diamonds, tells POPSUGAR, "The cushion-cut style diamond leans in on the growing trend of vintage fashion and jewellery, which we expect to continue to increase in popularity in 2024." Dutta estimates the main stone is a whopping five carats, while other diamond experts say it could be up to seven. Well done, Tatum — well done.

Although Kravitz and Tatum haven't officially addressed their engagement yet, we're already daydreaming of Kravitz's future wedding dress. Until their big day arrives, zoom all the way in on her potential engagement ring below to take a closer look.

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