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10-Minute Bollywood Hip-Hop Dance Workout

This 10-Minute Dance Workout Fuses Bollywood Choreography With Hip-Hop Moves

Join host, choreographer, and founder of Karmagraphy Kavita Rao for a 10-minute Bollywood fusion dance workout with class members Frank Soares and Mina Huynh. In this routine, you'll learn a series of hip-hop-inspired dance moves fused with Bollywood choreography. Get ready to master some iconic Bollywood hand gestures and sharp isolations that you can take right to a dance floor, club, or wedding. All you need is some space to move.

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Rao's top: Forever 21, bra: Lululemon, pants: Zara. Soares's vest: ASOS, shorts: Fabletics. Huynh's top: Pretty Little Thing, pants: ASOS.

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