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30-Minute Barre Workout to Shake Off a Bad Day

This 30-Minute Barre Workout Is Designed to Help You Shake Off a Bad Day

Join fitness and meditation instructor Nikki Nie for a special session that's just as much a "work in" as a workout, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month. This 30-minute barre routine focuses on re-centering your mind and body. You'll start with a quick warmup to get your body moving, and then jump right into barre-inspired moves like pliés, battements, and so much more — with plenty of opportunities to stop and reconnect with your breath. Nie also incorporates a little cardio burst with some plyometrics to get your heart rate up. Press play and join Nie and class members Leilani Terris and Cherie AbuMoussa for a series of exercises to help release any tension, anxiety, or stress. All you need is a mat to get started — even shoes are optional for this one.

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Nie's outfit: Calia, shoes: APL. Terris's outfit: Calia, shoes: APL. AbuMoussa's outfit: Jolyn, shoes: ASICS.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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