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Can Seasonal Allergies Cause a Fever?

You Can Blame Your Allergies For a Lot of Symptoms This Spring, but This Isn't 1 of Them

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If you struggle with seasonal allergies, you know how awful they can feel. The symptoms of pollen allergies often mimic a relentless cold, but if your nagging cough and runny nose come with a fever, it's unlikely that your allergies are to blame.

"Seasonal allergies do not typically cause a fever," William Reisacher, MD, director of allergy services at New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine, told POPSUGAR. That said, the attack on your immune system from seasonal allergies could make you more susceptible to things that do.

"If your body is fighting off allergies, you might be more vulnerable to other conditions, such as a viral illness, which can cause a fever," Dr. Reisacher explained.

Seasonal allergies also put you at greater risk for a bacterial infection. As the congestion worsens, your sinuses can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to a sinus infection. So, if you have a fever during allergy season, know that you're probably fighting a bug. Always check with your doctor if you're concerned.

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