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Chocolate and Weight Loss

This Dietitian's Tip Is For Chocolate Lovers Who Are Trying to Lose Weight

You're trying to be consistent with your healthy eating plan but you're craving chocolate. You think to yourself, "No, I'll eat something healthy instead." Registered dietitian Rachel Paul, known as collegenutritionist on Instagram, wants you to know that, sometimes, answering those cravings is a good thing, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

On the right, a small satisfying amount of chocolate is about 140 calories. If you go for the "healthier" snacks and ignore your cravings, you might end up eating way more calories, and in this case, an entire meal's worth! Paul also said, "Many times, we try to satisfy our cravings with 'healthy' food — only to end up eating the chocolate in the end anyway!"

If this sounds familiar, here's your green light to go ahead and indulge those cravings with a little treat. While calorie counting isn't important to everyone, if it's important to you, think of these photos the next time those chocolate cravings hit.

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