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Easy Fat-Loss Rules

A Fat-Loss Coach Shares 3 "Easy" Rules For Fat Loss

OK, we know there is no "easy" way to lose fat. Whatever your goals are, be it to lose weight, get lean, or build muscle, fat-loss coach Carter Good says, it's going to "require a buttload of hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and other things that aren't easy . . . But(tšŸ‘) that doesn't mean you can't make it easier."

Carter says that one of his favourite ways to make weight loss easier is creating rules. "The 'rules' you create are nothing more than 'personal oaths' and 'mental boundaries' to help you stay consistent and on track towards your goals," and they can and should be different for everyone.

The three rules in this graphic are three of his favourite rules, because they're what helped him lose 140 pounds. They are:

  1. Avoid Drinking Calories From Liquids: skip the juices and sodas and go for water, sparkling water, or coffee
  2. Never Miss a Healthy Meal Twice: eat healthy most of the day, but allow yourself a little treat
  3. Stay focussed on What Matters Most: Carter says to avoid gimmicky or restrictive diets and instead focus on these four sustainable things: your calorie consumption and eating in a calorie deficit, choosing whole foods, moving every day, and staying consistent.

Carter also threw in two bonus rules: "Keep Tempting Foods Out of the House šŸ  - that way you don't have to regularly fight your two desires of getting lean and aggressively shoving Oreos down your esophagus." The last rule is "The One Plate Rule šŸ½ - anytime you're at a buffet or party, have what you want, but make sure it fits comfortably on ONE plate . . . (and keep it to one story, too šŸ„žšŸ˜‰)"

Find rules that personally work for you, that you can sustain, that are healthy, and that align with your goals. There's no need to be super strict about them 24/7. If one of your rules is to hit the gym five days a week, but you end up getting sick, bend the rule so you can stay home and rest. These rules are meant to guide healthy choices, but they shouldn't rule you completely.

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