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Funny Weight Loss Comparison Chart

You Think, "I Only Lost 5 Pounds," but This Chart Shows You Actually Lost a Chihuahua!

After having my second baby, I lost a car tire, a bowling ball, and two chihuahuas! It's way more fun to say that than, "I lost 45 pounds."

Losing weight is hard, and this chart posted by fitness coaches Jaymie Moran and Jim Walsh turns (@bodysmartfitness on Instagram) all of your hard work into something tangible that you can celebrate. I mean, you may not feel like losing 11 pounds is a big deal, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, but when you think of losing an average-sized house cat, it seems way more substantial, doesn't it? And one pound is a guinea pig?! A visual like that will make you want to high-five yourself!

And while I don't want to think about how someone figured out what a sperm whale's brain weighs, I do appreciate that this chart could inspire someone to keep going on their weight-loss journey. Tell us: what have you lost or what do you hope to lose?

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