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How to Build Muscle Without Lifting Weights

If You Want to Build Muscle Without Lifting Weights, You Need to Read This

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One of the quickest ways to build muscle is to begin implementing consistent weightlifting into your workout routine. Weightlifting is effective because it creates micro-tears in the muscle and the muscle then repairs itself becoming stronger, which means you build more muscle. A solid weightlifting routine can help you build muscle fast, but it's not your only option. You can actually begin to build muscle by using just your body. Bodyweight training will not only help you sculpt muscle, but it will also help you to develop functional strength for everyday life.

Bodyweight Training

If you're new to working out, bodyweight workouts are a great place to begin to build muscle. By utilizing your bodyweight, you'll become more functional (being able to jump off a curb without rolling your ankle), stronger, and leaner. The only downside to bodyweight training is that if you're looking to increase your muscle mass or are training for maximal strength, power, and speed, you won't be able to achieve maximal results without weightlifting.

Bodyweight Exercises to Start Doing

If your goal is to see muscle definition, doing variations of exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once will help you reach that goal. Exercises like push-ups, burpees, lunges, and squats are all great bodyweight exercises to do for strength and lean muscle mass.

The Weight Debate

Whether or not you lift weights is 100 percent up to you. If you're happy with how you feel and look by only doing bodyweight exercises, keep it up. If you're looking to continue to challenge yourself, increase your strength, and really sculpt your body, you should consider lifting weights. And if you can't decide on which one is better for you, we suggest implementing both into your routine.

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