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Is IUD Insertion Painful? 2 Ob-Gyns Explain What to Expect

Here's How to Prepare and What to Expect From Your IUD Insertion, According to 2 Ob-Gyns

Will There Be Pain After My IUD Insertion?
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IUDs are known as one of the most convenient and effective forms of birth control, but it's true that the insertion process can be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or downright painful for some people. The IUD itself is a small, flexible, T-shaped birth control device that's inserted directly into your uterus. For a lot of people, that alone is (understandably) a little scary. The best way to get more comfortable with the concept, and to prepare for the big insertion day, is to get familiar with the process. What can you expect from your IUD insertion? How can you prepare? Doing some research and talking to your ob-gyn beforehand can help relieve some of your nerves and give you an idea of what the insertion will be like for you.

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