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Keto Taco Bell

Think Outside the Bun With These Keto Options From Taco Bell

Everybody has a love-hate relationship with Taco Bell. It tastes so good in the moment, and you can get so much food for a small price, but sometimes that sick feeling hits you suddenly after taking down a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Chalupa Supreme. If Taco Bell is your jam, find a way to enjoy it on occasion without it taking you away from your goals. It may seem difficult at first going to a fast food joint that sells tacos and burritos while on keto, but the key is to customize the heck out of your order. My tips are never be afraid to ask for extra, and I mean anything extra. Ask for extra chicken, extra steak, extra guacamole, or extra lettuce, or ask for everything extra. Whatever will make you feel satisfied and energized at the end of your meal. Still doubting that you can eat at Taco Bell and not be kicked out of ketosis? Keep reading for menu suggestions!

Power Menu Bowl

Skip the seasoned rice, and ask for extra romaine instead. You're going to want to skip out on the black beans as well and opt for double protein or more guacamole because there is no such thing as too much chicken or avocado, right?

Fiesta Taco Salad

This may not look keto at first since the salad comes in a huge fried tortilla shell, but all you have to do is ask for it in a bowl instead. Skip the rice and black beans again on this one, as well as the red tortilla strips that come tossed in the salad for crunch. Go for extra sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese, or veggies.

Beefy 5-Layer Burrito

Pass on the tortilla, and ask for it in a bowl without the beans. If meat and nacho cheese sound heavenly enough for you, then you're all set. If you want something a little more, add some lettuce, jalapeño peppers, and tomatoes and now you got a beefy five-layer burrito salad bowl. Why not also get it to go and take it back home to add into a low-carb keto tortilla option for Taco Tuesday?

Naked Egg Taco Bundle

Running on the go for breakfast? This is the perfect option for those on keto because instead of a tortilla, the wrap is an egg. Swap the potatoes for a protein like chicken or steak or choose to add something like guacamole and pico de gallo. You can even add scrambled eggs into the mix if the wrap isn't enough egg for your morning.

Grande Scrambler

All you need to do is get rid of the burrito and potatoes and ask for it in a bowl. It comes with scrambled eggs, protein, shredded cheese, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and pico de gallo — everything you can ask for in a balanced keto breakfast!

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