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What Should I Wear to F45?

F45 First-Timers, This Is What an Instructor Says You Should Wear and Bring

F45 Training F45 training is the Aussie-born circuit workout sweeping the fitness industry with multiple franchises in over 20 countries. Since launching in the UK in 2017, F45 now has over 40 studios around the country, many of which are in London. The conception of this workout is quite simple. The F stands for functional and 45 is the complete duration of each session in minutes. This innovative interval technique combines ever-changing workouts ranging from rowing and kettlebells to battle ropes and stationary bikes for a serious sweat.

Even for a seasoned athlete, joining a new gym can be daunting, and the last thing you should have to worry about is not knowing what to wear to your first class. To clear up any sartorial-related first-day jitters, we spoke with Debbie Kebbell, head trainer at F45 Brixton to get expert advice on how to properly prep prior to training, and most importantly what gear to bring and wear to make the best out of the class.

What to Wear:

  • Long pants and a tight top:
    "The most important thing to consider when choosing what gym gear to wear is that it gives you the right support but also allows movement," Kebbell says. "Most of our members would wear similar clothing to what you'd wear to a yoga class: full-length leggings, a crop top or a tightish sleeveless top, as you do tend to get sweaty." "You don't want to be feeling restricted when you're trying to perform at your best, but also don't want to have pull anything up or down when you've only got a few seconds to get to the next station . . . full or calf-length leggings and a vest top" are perfect. Some people also prefer to wear a crop with their leggings — and no vest — if they're more comfortable.
  • Athletic shoes: Since F45 classes vary between cardio and resistance, Kebbell recommends "choosing a pair of cross trainers". They're ideal for "high-intensity training, as they are super comfortable so you can really enjoy your workout, and offer flexibility to ensure you can perform at your best."

Other Tips For Your First Class:

  • Bring a water bottle: Being dehydrated during your workout is not ideal and can make you feel pretty crappy during class. You feel dizzy, crampy, nauseous and completely out of touch with your body, which essentially ruins your workout and can pose a risk to your health. Be sure to drink a good amount of fluids prior to class to promote mental clarity and optimal strength. For convenience, F45 has a water station to refill bottles as needed.
  • Get there early: No one wants to feel stressed or rushed. This applies to all, but especially for those who are new to F45. Get there a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the instructor and go over any injuries or woes you might have prior to class.
Image Source: F45 Training
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