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What Wellness Means in 2018

Wellness Will Take on a New, Deeper Meaning in 2018 — Here's How We See It

If you're someone who practices "New Year, New You," then you'll be into what the wellness scene has to bring and say in 2018. The ever-evolving industry always brings new trends, superfoods, and mindsets, year after year. This past year shifted the definition of wellness, bringing the focus to healing one another — mind, body, and soul. It became a buzzword that went from woo woo to mainstream. In 2018, wellness will continue to make it big, bridging the gap between those who are saturated in the scene and those who don't have access.

It's going to be all about kick-starting the conversation on truly taking care of our minds, cultivating our souls, eating right, and moving well. It will be a year to collectively strengthen and centre ourselves so that the positive effect can be felt in every corner of the earth. There's a growing understanding that being well benefits your family, your friends, and everyone you come into touch with. It's time to help others gain access to this, connect to our purpose, uplift, and recognise that we are all universally connected.

The new year is begging for higher-quality food, better personal-care products, and sustainability practices. Wellness will get personal. It will be brought into the workplace, do a better job of protecting the earth, and have a hand in women's empowerment: purposeful, intentional, and mission driven. This is the year that your less wellness-obsessed loved ones will get into it in ways that they never have before. There's going to be a shift in who cares about planetary healing, gut health, and skin care. Aisles will be stocked with ingredient-conscious products for health and hygiene. High-quality products will come from mission-based brands that are pushing wellness and health with charities. Big brands will become dedicated to feeling good and living well.

Wellness is a feeling. An aligning of the mind, body, and soul. An ability to listen to yourself. An understanding of your needs and the knowledge of how to meet them. A willingness to trust your instincts and slow down. An optimal sync. It's in food, art, beauty, philosophy, poetry, and science. In 2018 this feeling is going mainstream in a major way. It's continuing to unfold, finally reaching the intersection of vision and mission. Gurus, wellness-lovers, and everyone in between: are you ready?

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