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No-Crunch Ab Workouts on YouTube

Are Crunches Straining Your Neck? Try One of These Ab Workouts Instead

No-Crunch Ab Workouts on YouTube
Image Source: Getty / skynesher

Looking to strengthen and tone your core? Ab workouts are a great way to burn belly fat and build stomach muscle, but let's make one thing clear: we aren't talking about getting down on the floor and cranking out 50 sit ups. While crunches are one of the most basic ab workouts out there, it's really easy to do them incorrectly. For example, pulling your neck and head forward when you're actually supposed to lift them is an easy way to get nothing but serious neck and lower back pain. For this exact reason, no-crunch workouts are a great alternative. They get the job done and you won't walk away from your workout trying to massage the pain away. Here are 11 no-crunch exercise videos to get you started.

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