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Peloton's Chelsea Jackson Roberts' Top 6 Yoga Hairstyles

Peloton's Chelsea Jackson Roberts Shares Her Top 6 Signature Braided Hairstyles for Yoga

If you wear knotless box braids to work out like I do then you know how difficult it can be to keep your braids in the hair tie(s) you put them in. But anyone who has taken a yoga class with Peloton's Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD knows that her braids don't budge. Luckily Dr. Roberts has shared an Instagram video tutorial for her top 6 stay-in-place hairstyles that she wears for class.

Throughout the tutorial Dr. Roberts explains the ways in which each hairstyle make aspects of a yoga class less of a fuss. For example, as she's braiding all of her hair over one shoulder she says that it's easy for her to lay down without "this huge thing" on the back of her head so the style is great for a yoga nidra practice.

Whether she's teaching power flow, slow flow, or restorative flow Dr. Roberts' hair is always styled for the occasion. And with 6 to choose from, there is definitely something for all of us braids wearers to try. There's even one inspired by the legendary Frida Kahlo!

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