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POPSUGAR 28-Day Fitness Routine Reboot

Lost Your Motivation? This 28-Day Fitness Routine Reboot Helps You Find Joy in Movement

There's nothing wrong with setting lofty fitness goals for yourself, but what happens when you fall behind, start skipping workouts, or lose motivation? What if you're too daunted to even start? It's amazing how quickly fitness stops feeling fun and starts to become a chore.

That's why we came up with POPSUGAR's first-ever 28-Day Fitness Routine Reboot, designed to help you find the joy in working out no matter where you are on your journey. Every day, we've set you up with a mini-challenge that's focussed on being fun instead of intimidating — but don't worry, we'll still be pushing you out of your comfort zone! The goal: to wake up every day excited to get moving and take on the next challenge. And if you're looking for a community to help you out and keep you accountable, be sure to join the POPSUGAR Workout Club on Facebook, where we'll be working out together all month long (and beyond). Check out the Reboot below and let's get sweating!

  1. Do a dance workout in a style you've never tried before.
  2. Type "workout for [one body part you love]" into YouTube and do the first video that comes up.
  3. Do a few reps of the one move you always avoid.
  4. Swap workout playlists with a friend.
  5. Do a workout incorporating a piece of equipment (jump rope, hula hoop, bike, trampoline) that reminds you of your childhood.
  6. Do a YouTube workout set to a song that came out in the last year.
  7. Exercise in your favourite workout clothes. Bonus: share a selfie with a friend!
  8. Stretch for 10 minutes before bed.
  9. Hold a wall sit while brushing your teeth.
  10. Do a friend's favourite YouTube workout.
  11. Try a mobility workout.
  12. Play your favourite song and hold a plank the whole time. Bonus: sing along!
  13. Do a workout shared by an athlete or celebrity (or their trainer).
  14. Do one burpee for every letter in your full name.
  15. Shout "I am strong!" every time you want to stop your workout today.
  16. Do as many push-ups, squats, mountain climbers, and lunges as your age.
  17. Find the very first Class Fitsugar workout you remember watching and complete it.
  18. Meditate for 5 minutes or write down 3 things you're grateful for before your workout today. Advanced: do both!
  19. Try the exercise that used to haunt you in gym class.
  20. Do a workout that gets you out of breath in 7 minutes or less.
  21. Try the hardest workout a friend has ever done.
  22. Do a workout from a trainer you've never heard of before.
  23. Add 5 extra minutes to your workout.
  24. Do the workout that makes you feel the most confident.
  25. Do a workout with at least 1 plank in it.
  26. Mix up your workout space. Exercise in a different room, hang up motivational quotes, or just face a different direction.
  27. Get some exercise outdoors: walk or hike, ski, go for a run in the park, or take a bike ride.
  28. Try a friend's favourite post-workout snack.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photograpy / Matthew Kelly
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