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Justin Timberlake "Braspberry" Bai Commercial

Justin Timberlake Brings His "Braspberry" Obsession to This Hilarious Commercial

Breaking news: Justin Timberlake is still obsessed with "braspberries," aka blueberry-stuffed raspberries. The Man of the Woods singer stars in the newest commercial for Bai's antioxidant-infused drinks. The ad depicts a fictional news show in which the host says "this just in" and shares news about Bai. Then, looking toward a preoccupied Justin, he says, "This Justin" — get it? — "keeps putting blueberries inside of raspberries."

Last December, the braspberry phenomenon started when JT shared a video assembling the fruit and saying, "Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits perfectly in the raspberry? I think not. Braspberry." There are now over 400 Instagram posts with the hashtag #braspberry, believe it or not. Watch the funny bit above!