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Unicorn Smarties Asda

These Unicorn Smarties Only Cost £1, So Yep, I'll Take 10

The unicorn trend isn't slowing down anytime soon, and the team at Nestle knows it — that's why they've launched Unicorn Smarties in the UK. As if unicorn beer, magical macarons, and Disney's unicorn cupcakes weren't enough, you can now enjoy your Smarties with a horned horse twist.

As they're pink and blue, they're also the perfect sweet to serve at a baby shower or gender reveal. You'll want to grab your bag soon, as this magical treat is a limited edition that is exclusively sold at Asda for £1 a pouch. BRB — we're just popping out to the shop in a horn hairband and rainbow tutu to stock up on these sugar-coated chocolate discs of utter unicorn indulgence.