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16 Cheap, Easy, and Delicious TikTok Recipes for Students

16 Cheap, Easy, and Delicious TikTok-Approved Recipes for Students

16 Cheap, Easy, and Delicious TikTok Recipes for Students

Calling all freshers! In-between the admin and packing, there's a more pressing issue to think about for your big move into self-catered halls: what to cook. Without the supplies and skills of parents, figuring out how to feed yourself at uni can seem overwhelming. But don't be fooled, it doesn't have to be all Pot Noodles and beans on toast - there's a number of chef-approved recipes, with a student-budget in mind, that are resurfacing on TikTok.

From budget burritos to one-pan orzo, you don't have to scrimp on taste - providing you know what essentials to stock-up on. When the time comes for the big supermarket shop, forgo all the freezer food and ensure you have the cooking must-haves: all spice, mixed herbs, stock cubes, garlic, onions, and tinned tomatoes need to be on your shopping list. You'll soon realise they are key for so many meals.

Be selective when it comes to your equipment. Chances are your new roomies will also bring an Ikea-load of kitchen utensils; surely you can share a tin-opener? Of course, you'll need the necessities to be able to cook and eat a meal, but some of the lesser-used supplies you can bag once you're in and know what's missing. Measuring cups are a must to make sure you don't waste ingredients and raid the family cupboards before you go for old takeaway boxes you can freeze, they'll help you make your meals last longer. A pack of resealable bags are key to making the most of food before it goes off, too.

Now that you've swotted up on your kitchen essentials, check out these 16 quick, easy and in some cases, chef-approved, recipes that are all under £15.

— Additional reporting by Gabriella Ferlita