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How to Make TikTok's Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Snack

The Viral Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Snack Is That Good — and We Found the Perfect Combo

fruit roll-up ice cream snack

While technically there's no right or wrong way to eat a Fruit Roll-Up, the subject has been a point of discussion in school cafeterias across America since the product first came out. Some argue it's best to peel as you eat, while others believe crumpling the whole thing into a ball is superior. Now, it seems people have reached a different consensus altogether.

In a TikTok that recently went viral, user Golnar Ghavami, who goes by @GolisDream on the app, demonstrates how she eats her Fruit Roll-Ups wrapped around a scoop of ice cream. It's clear when Ghavami takes the first bite that something magical happens as the cold ice cream hits the gummy snack: the Fruit Roll-Up turns solid and crunchy, creating a delicious contrast of textures.

Most TikTokers are crediting Ghavami for introducing them to the idea, but she has since admitted that she didn't come up with it, and she doesn't recall where she first saw Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream being combined. TikToks of the now-viral snack actually go as far back as 2021, when user Trinh Carreon — who famously lets her followers recommend food for her to try on her account @TrinhDoesThings — wrapped vanilla ice cream in a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up per a suggestion commented on one of her videos. Like Carreon, Ghavami also uses a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up in her video, but instead of vanilla ice cream she uses mango, and she mentions you can use any flavour you want.


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Since Fruit Roll-Ups only come in fruity flavours like Punch Berry and Tropical Tie-Dye, most people have been using sherbet or fruit sorbet to do the trend. It makes sense to pair fruit with fruit; however, if you don't have a sweet tooth, you might find the sorbet pairing to be overly sugary. If that's the case, plain vanilla would definitely be a better option, and even chocolaty flavours work well, too.

Combine a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up with cookies and cream or chocolate fudge, for example, and you have yourself a reverse chocolate-covered strawberry. If you'd prefer to stick to fruity flavours, Ghavami's strawberry and mango combo is especially delicious if you balance out the sweetness with chamoy and Tajín for a mangonada-inspired treat.

fruit roll-up ice cream snack

The fun thing about this trend is that there are no rules when it comes to flavour combinations. But for best results, you do want to make sure you work fast. The Fruit Roll-Up hardens as soon as the ice cream touches it. Since the Fruit Roll-Up will only stay crunchy for as long as the ice cream is cold, you'll want to eat it right away, or for even more crunch, stick it in the freezer for two to three minutes.

Unfortunately, this seems to only work with Fruit Roll-Ups, and not with fruit leather or other similar products, as some TikTokers have pointed out.

The snack can get pretty messy since the Fruit Roll-Up will crack with every bite, but really it just adds to the experience. Anyway, whoever said only kids are allowed to have fun eating a Fruit Roll-Up?

fruit roll-up ice cream snack with extra toppings

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kalea Martin