Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate Exists, So Hello, New Favourite Drink

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This time of year is synonymous with cosy nights in, holiday movie watching, festive treats, and lots and lots of hot chocolate. While the regular version is fine, there's a new version of hot cocoa that's taking our favourite holiday drink to the next level: Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix ($10).

Combining chocolate with mint and Oreo flavours (um, yum), the drink looks like a specialty drink you'd find at your local coffee house — but without having to shell out the extra cash, or even get out of pajamas to go get it. For $10, you can get eight packets of the Oreo mix, which is insanely easy to make. Simply pour the mix into a mug, add hot water or milk, stir, and enjoy! Now, the real question is — is it too much to pair Double Stuf (or Most Stuf!) Oreos with a cup of this? (The answer, of course, is no.)