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VK Limited Edition Candy Cane Vodka Drink

VK Just Launched a Candy Cane Flavour, and I’m Already on My Way to the Student Union

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VK Limited Edition Candy Cane Vodka Drink
Image Source: VK

If you used to take an actual camera on a night out and wear a lipstick suspiciously close to the colour of your foundation, you probably drank your night away with an luminous blue-hued VK that stained your tongue in a matter of seconds.

Well, VK is back (actually, it never went away from both the supermarket shelves nor our nostalgic hearts), but this time, with an incredibly festive, limited edition flavour: Candy Cane. It's described as being "strawberry sweet with hints of peppermint", and of course, in a red shade brighter than our cherry lip gloss. Like all VK drinks, it blends its sweet flavours with vodka, and each flavour has 4% ABV. Intrigued? Then head to Tesco, Asda, or B+M to pick up the new festive 10-pack, which contains two Candy Cane VK's alongside other popular flavours, including blue (yes that's the flavour, just blue), watermelon, and orange and passionfruit.

If for no other reason, the new candy cane flavour is an excuse to whip out your camera (y'know, one that can't make calls) and head to your local Marston's pub (or student union, where the flavour will also be served) for a nostalgic night out. We'll excuse you if you'd rather leave the hipster jeans and Moroccan waist belts in the past.