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Where to Buy the Starbucks Black-Cat Halloween Mug

People Are Losing It Over This Starbucks Black-Cat Halloween Mug, but There's a Catch


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We're not saying you need this Starbucks mug in your life, but it's pretty damn irresistible. The mysterious Starbucks black-cat Halloween mug has popped up on eBay, and people are buying it up left and right! The ominous matte-black mug is selling in the $20 range and features white whiskers, an orange nose, orange eyes, pointy ears, a gold Starbucks spoon, and the real kicker, a witch-hat top (to keep coffee or tea warm). Since it hasn't been spotted in US stores or on the US website, our best guestimation is that this mug has been released in an international Starbucks Halloween collection. Perhaps in the Philippines, which has a black-cat-themed Halloween collection. Whatever the case, we're pretty smitten with this kitten! While Starbucks in the US isn't quite ready to celebrate Halloween yet, we do have a premonition its Pumpkin Spice Latte will be available very soon — so be on the lookout. Shop the mug on eBay ahead!