A Dabbing Santa Inflatable Exists — Because of Course It Freakin' Does

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Look, I may not even have a front yard (#TinyApartmentProblems), but that certainly hasn't stopped me from hovering my cursor over the "Add to Cart" button for this Dabbing Santa Inflatable ($50, originally $53). Now available on Amazon — because truly, where else? — the blow-up holiday decoration clocks in at 5 feet tall and is made with a set of interior lights, so all of your neighbours can admire Santa's stellar form at night, too. I mean, seriously. That subtly bent right knee. Those flawlessly aligned raised arms. He's nailing the viral dance move every teen can't get enough of, and he just might drop 2019's hottest Christmas mixtape in the process.

Sure, you could drop 50 bucks on a boatload of other things — groceries, a pair of shoes, holiday gifts for your family — but you've gotta admit this dabbing Saint Nick is at least a little tempting to splurge on for the sake of being the coolest house on the block. Finger's crossed this bad boy is still in stock once I have my own front yard to stick him on. In the meantime, I may or may not be shipping one to my parents' house just for sh*ts and giggles.