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Turkey Dinosaur Nugget Pillows Are Trending on TikTok

Are Turkey Dinosaur Nugget Pillows the Next Big Home-Decor Trend?

Turkey Dinosaur Nugget Pillows Are Trending on TikTok
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Colour-coordinated throw pillows are out, and dinosaur chicken nugget throw pillows are in — at least that's what my latest online shopping escapades convinced me. While browsing for new Etsy pieces to freshen up my living room, I stumbled upon a listing for pillows shaped like supersize turkey dinosaur nuggets. Intrigued by the charming cushions, I investigated further and discovered numerous similar pillows available to shop online, indicating that turkey dinosaur nugget pillows are very much A Thing™.

Made with brown sherpa material to mimic a nugget's crispy exterior, these nostalgic couch toppers look almost good enough to dunk in some ketchup and snack on. There are several dinosaur species to choose between, including popular picks like the T-rex, stegosaurus, and brontosaurus and less-recognisable (though equally as adorable) options like the triceratops and pterodactyl. A range of sizes are also available, so you can find the perfect match for your snuggling preferences.

Though it's unclear who first designed dino nuggets in pillow form or what caused the recent influx, it's abundantly clear that shoppers can't get enough of 'em. Pretty much every single Etsy listing has perfect five-star reviews, and some are even backordered due to high demand. The hype has also made it to TikTok, which is flooded with tutorials for DIYing your own turkey dinosaur nugget pillow at home.

If you're ready to dive head first into the budding turkey-dino-nugget-core trend, browse our top pillow picks from Amazon and Etsy ahead. What childhood snack will get the pillow treatment next . . . perhaps Dairylea Lunchables? Mccain Smiles?

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