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Saturday Night Live Robert Mueller Sketch May 2018

Robert De Niro Made the Perfect Robert Mueller in a Silent SNL Appearance

Robert De Niro is famous for not needing words to intimidate people, and he lent this special gift to Saturday Night Live in a brief appearance as Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller on May 19. The sketch also starred Alec Baldwin in another appearance as President Donald Trump, holding a meeting with sons Don Jr. and Eric, Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon), and Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) inside a New Jersey diner — a deliberate nod to the ambiguous The Sopranos series finale.

De Niro's quick Mueller cameo was entirely silent, and featured a hand gesture which will look familiar to any Meet the Parents fan: a wordless "I'm watching you." Sometimes, you don't need to say a thing to send your message — just a stern look and the power of a massive government investigation behind you.

Watch the sketch above, then read Alec Baldwin's take on his recurring role spoofing the president.

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