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Where to Donate to Help India With the COVID-19 Crisis

14 Organisations to Donate To in Support of India’s COVID-19 Crisis

Where to Donate to Help India With the COVID-19 Crisis

Following the continuing farmer's protests that began earlier this year, India is now currently the global epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to a lack of medical equipment, slow government action, and consistently rising cases, the country is desperately struggling to support those who are suffering. To put things into perspective, the UK at its peak had approximately 81,000 new cases a day according to government statistics, whereas India are currently reporting just over 300,000 cases a day, with the peak level recorded at 340,162.

The UK is playing a small part in supporting the country during the crisis, by sending 600 pieces of life-saving equipment to India, but it's far from enough, especially considering the sheer amount of cases that they're dealing with daily. Dr. Zarir Udwadia, a committee member advising the Indian government on Mumbai's COVID-19 response, told BBC Radio 4 that the donation was "a drop in the ocean," adding that "it's a political gesture – this will have a limited impact at this stage, sadly. We are past the stage of that."

Despite receiving international aid, what's happening is only worsening, and it's clear that more needs to be done in terms of sharing support. "The situation in India is tragic and likely to get worse for some weeks to months," said Krisha Udayakumar, the founding director of the Duke Global Health Innovation Centre, emphasising the need for a "concerted, global effort to help India at this time of crisis."

Keep reading to discover all the organisations and causes that you can donate to in order to help India with the current crisis.

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