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Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's Baby Text Exchange

Amy Schumer's Response to Jennifer Lawrence Teasing Her About Going to Bed Early Is Hilarious

Bringing a new baby into the world means any routine you once stuck to instantly goes out the window. And while adjusting to motherhood is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, people who don't have kids yet may not fully understand just how draining having a newborn can be. Case in point: Jennifer Lawrence bombarding Amy Schumer with an "emergency" query about The Handmaid's Tale. After asking why Offred ended up in the gallows in season two and getting no response, Jennifer followed up with a a few direct questions: "Are you asleep because of the baby??? Are you asleep before 11? Is this because of the baby? Don't make me resent the baby."

Although Jennifer was clearly having some light-hearted fun at her friend's expense, Amy eventually responded to Jennifer, explaining that she was, in fact, awake, and answered her question. The 39-year-old mom to baby Gene shared the hilarious interaction on her Instagram story, writing, "Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby." Frankly, I'm impressed she was able to stay up past 9 p.m., let alone 11 p.m.!

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