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Boy With Nonverbal Autism Singing Old Town Road Video

This Video of a Boy Who Has Autism Singing "Old Town Road" Will Make You Cry For All the Right Reasons

"Old Town Road" has had some huge moments since it first went viral earlier this year, but none of them — not even this adorable classroom remix — can compare to the heartwarming story behind a video one Twitter user shared about the song last week. On June 4, Sheletta Brundidge, host of the Two Haute Mamas podcast, shared a brief video of her 4-year-old son, Daniel, quietly singing the Lil Nas X song to himself at home. But the sweet moment, which has been retweeted by more than 5,000 people, was actually more of a miracle than anything else, since Sheletta revealed in the thread that Daniel has nonverbal autism, meaning that he normally doesn't speak.

"We caught him humming the @LilNasX and @billyraycyrus tune the other day," Sheletta wrote. "Then Bless God, my baby started singing the song on his own. His therapists have started to use it in his sessions!" She shared in a few follow-up tweets that not only has Daniel memorized all of Lil Nas X's parts in the song, but he's also been singing it with the rest of the family nonstop. And if that bit of info wasn't enough to bring tears to your eyes, Daniel even got a co-sign from Lil Nas X himself shortly after going viral. "What a king," the 20-year-old rapper wrote after sharing the video on Twitter.

Read ahead to see Lil Nas X's response for yourself and a few other sweet photos of Daniel singing along to the lyrics.

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