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British Literary Baby Names

60 British Writers You'll Want to Name Your Future Book-Loving Baby After

Give your newborn a name worth reading about by picking a moniker inspired by the greats of British literature. Our list of famous writers from England, Scotland, and Wales is packed full of quaint, old-fashioned names, as well as interesting, unusual options. You could even mix things up by selecting a surname — Brontë is a beautiful choice for a girl, and Huxley is strong pick for a boy. Browse our favourites here, and while you're in a literary mood, check out names inspired by English literature's greatest heroines.

Names For Girls

  1. Agatha (Christie)
  2. Ali (Smith)
  3. Andrea (Levy)
  4. Angela (Carter)
  5. Anne (Brontë)
  6. Beryl (Bainbridge)
  7. Carol Ann (Duffy)
  8. Charlotte (Brontë)
  9. Doris (Lessing)
  10. Elizabeth (Barrett Browning, Bowen, Gaskell)
  11. Emily (Brontë)
  12. Enid (Blyton)
  13. Hilary (Mantel)
  14. Iris (Murdoch)
  15. Jacqueline (Wilson)
  16. Jane (Austen)
  17. Jean (Rhys)
  18. Jeanette (Winterson)
  19. Joan (Aiken)
  20. Julia (Donaldson)
  21. Kate (Mosse)
  22. Margaret (Drabble)
  23. Mary (Shelley)
  24. Monica (Ali)
  25. Muriel (Spark)
  26. Penelope (Lively)
  27. Rose (Tremain)
  28. Sarah (Waters)
  29. Virginia (Woolf)
  30. Zadie (Smith)

Names For Boys

  1. Alan (Bennett)
  2. Aldous (Huxley)
  3. Alfred (Tennyson)
  4. Arthur (Conan Doyle)
  5. Charles (Dickens)
  6. Christopher (Marlowe)
  7. Daniel (Defoe)
  8. David (Mitchell, Nicholls)
  9. Dylan (Thomas)
  10. Ford (Maddox Ford)
  11. Geoffrey (Chaucer)
  12. George (Byron, Orwell)
  13. Ian (Fleming, McEwan)
  14. John (Donne, Fowles, Keats, Milton)
  15. Julian (Barnes)
  16. Kingsley (Amis)
  17. Lewis (Carroll)
  18. Mervyn (Peake)
  19. Neil (Gaiman)
  20. Percy (Shelley)
  21. Philip (Pullman)
  22. Roald (Dahl)
  23. Robert (Burns, Louis Stevenson)
  24. Rudyard (Kipling)
  25. Samuel (Taylor Coleridge, Johnson)
  26. Somerset (Maugham)
  27. Ted (Hughes)
  28. Thomas (Hardy)
  29. Wilfred (Owen)
  30. William (Makepeace Thackeray, Shakespeare, Wordsworth)
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