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Catherine and Sean Lowe Swim Lessons For Son Samuel

This Mom Learned an Important Lesson After Her Toddler Fell Into the Deep End of the Pool

When it comes to being around a pool or body of water with your baby, you can never be too safe. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children, and it's every parent's worst nightmare to experience it. That's why water safety is so important, and Catherine Lowe shared an important lesson she learned about about toddler swimming lessons. Posting a cute photo of her 2-year-old son, Samuel, Catherine explained she and her husband, former Bachelor contestant Sean Lowe, had a scare that prompted a need for swimming lessons ASAP.

"One week after Isaiah was born, Samuel mistakenly walked into the deep end of his grandparents' pool and it was possibly the scariest moment of my life," she wrote. "Sean and I were watching his every move so we acted quickly to get him out (I was much more traumatized than he was), but we immediately put him into swim lessons and made sure he always has floaties on. Today was his LAST DAY of swim lessons and now he can swim to the side like a champ! I'm so proud of this big guy even though he cried through almost every single class."

Thank goodness Catherine and Sean were watching their son like a hawk, because every parent knows it can only take a split second for drowning to happen. Plus, floaties are the cutest accessory!

Catherine's message is a poignant and relevant one always, but especially in light of the recent tragic news about Bode Miller's daughter drowning at a neighbourhood pool party. Swimming is more than just fun for kids — it can also be a life saver.

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