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Chrissy Teigen Photos of Kids Bathing Together

Chrissy Teigen Posts Photo of Luna and Miles Taking a Bath Together — and Her Caption Is Spot On

Chrissy Teigen posted two photos of her kids — Luna and Miles — taking a bath, and if you have a social media account, there's a very good chance that you already know what the internet usually has to say about that. Which is why the mom of two was one step ahead of potential online trolls and posted a caption condemning anyone who had a negative thing to say about her sink-bathing babies.

"Heart explodes," she wrote alongside the first snap. "And heads up, if you have some weird issue with this, you're weird."

Although some commenters admonished her for not caring "about all the perverts out there" and insisted that she keep naked photos like this private, most of her fans applauded her message and hilariously took issue with everything but her adorable kiddos.

"The only problem I have with this is your sink is about as big as my bathtub," one person wrote. Another echoed the sentiment: "I have an issue with the copper tap . . . I want one!"

Still others noticed the "creepy red doll on the side of the sink." One person wrote: "I have a HUGE issue with the staples in the back of Elmo's head. WHO HURT HIM?" to which Teigen replied, "oh my god he's a monster I didn't notice."

Finally, others marveled at the "baby bucket" in the second photo. Apparently, baby buckets such as those mimic the feeling of floating in the womb and are even safer for babies than a normal tub where they can more easily slip.

Fans joked: "nobody puts baby in a bucket," and "You could have taken the leaves out first."

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