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Dad Catches Home Run Baseball While Holding Baby

You'll Bite ALL Your Nails Watching This Dad Catch a Home Run While Holding His Baby

Um, don't try this at . . . your home team's stadium?

At Tuesday evening's Phillies-Dodgers game, one eager fan was sitting in left field with his baby on his lap when a home-run hit came flying toward his section. Going against all better judgment (which would be to duck and cover, right?!), this diehard fan reached for the zooming baseball and caught it with his bare hand – while still holding his infant in the other!

And although the miraculous catch made for a jaw-dropping SportsCentre highlight, the seconds leading up to it sure are nail biters. We don't know what we love more: the proud papa look on that dad's face or the complete lack of awareness on the part of his baby, who is clearly just along for the ride.

We're just curious what that baby's mom had to say about this Phillies fan's memorable stunt!

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