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Dad Gives Daughter Dress For School Dance

Dad Surprises Daughter With Dream Dress, but It's His Reaction (Not Hers) That'll Make You Weep

When a dad surprised his daughter with a "dream dress" for her school dance, her reaction was the absolute perfect mix of shock and gratitude and joy . . . until you see his reaction to her reaction.

The sob-inducing 54-second video was shared on Twitter by user @PoliteMelanie, and it explains that the dad in the video works three jobs and told his daughter that he "couldn't afford" the dress she'd been hoping to wear to her eighth grade school dance. So when he approached her with a garment bag and unzipped it to reveal he had, in fact, bought it for her . . . well, it's no surprise that it's gone viral and wracked up nearly three million views. (Do not get us started on how the clip is soundtracked by Bob Carlisle's father-daughter ballad, "Butterfly Kisses.")

So, please, watch the video, and between the girl's embrace and the dad's quiet look of pride, don't be surprised by how quickly you openly weep.

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