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Daughter Surprises Dad With Visit From Old Military Friend

Daughter Surprises Dad With Visit From Army Buddy He Hadn't Seen in 61 Years, and OMG Our Hearts

Everyone has those friendships in which years can go by between visits, but you always pick up right where you and your friend left off once you're together. "Tex," an Army vet who hadn't seen one of his best military buds in quite some time, just proved that there's no maximum to the time that's passed that can affect those types of timeless friendships — not even if you and your friend spend 61 years apart.

In trying to create a surprise of epic proportions for her dad, Tex's daughter spent 10 days going back and forth with his best Army friend — the only person who would still actually call him Tex to his face — and had him meet at Tex's home. As soon as Tex heard his friend speak his Army nickname and saw him standing in the doorway, the pair embraced, and his friend said, "I never thought I'd see you again," as Tex dissolved into tears (and you will, too, at the sight).

See the sweet reunion in full above, and call your best friend just to say hi, even if it's been 61 years.

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