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Girl's Illustration of Mom in the Shower

This Kid's Illustration of Her Mom in the Shower Is Why We Need to Lock Our Bathroom Doors

Her: “Mommy I drew a picture of you at school!” Me: 😳😳😳😳😳 #lockthebathroomdoor #tbt

Posted by Kristen Hewitt on Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's an unspoken agreement between all moms and their kids: "I'll leave the bathroom door unlocked, and you'll barge in with every nonemergency you can concoct in the three minutes I've allotted myself to pee."

Sure, it's not a great agreement, but it's the one we've got. Kristen Hewitt knows this all too well. In fact, she shared to her Facebook page a drawing her daughter made to prove it.

"Mommy, I drew a picture of you at school," Hewitt recalls her child saying before showing her the black-Sharpie'd illustration of her, stark naked in the shower.

Her advice to the rest of us, as wise as it is, will likely fall on deaf ears: "Lock. The. Bathroom. Door."

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