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15 Phrases and Approaches Every Parent Can Use to Cheer Up a Sad Child

How to Cheer Up a Sad Child

Most parents know the heartache that comes with seeing your child sad, sick, or hurt. You can feel helpless about how to comfort them, and it can tear you apart. But while you'll do anything to take that pain or sadness away, it's important to remember that sorrow is a natural part of life for everyone. Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, which is maybe a good thing, because every parent should navigate their role in a way that works best for them and their child. And no two children are the same.

Just as parenting lacks that handbook we sometimes desperately want, children aren't equipped with that Childhood 101: How to Handle Emotions book you might sometimes wish they also had. That's where you come in for the assist! Dr. Nicholas J. Westers, Psy.D, Clinical Pyschologist at Children's Medical Centre Dallas and Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Centre, tells POPSUGAR that kids need to learn how to navigate all aspects of life, including the good, bad, happy, and sad. And that all starts with you. "Parents need to learn to model well," he explains. "Part of that modelling is being able to articulate the emotion, validate the emotion, educate about the nature of emotions, and support through the emotion." Not sure where to start? Keep reading for 15 phrases and approaches to cheer up a sad child.

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