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Jason Momoa Elf on the Shelf Skit SNL 8 Dec., 2018

I'm So Sorry If This Inappropriate Jason Momoa SNL Skit Ruins Elf on the Shelf For You Forever

Thanks to his Saturday Night Live debut on 8 Dec., Jason Momoa has given us a lot to think about this festive season. From his performance as a seductive Christmas ghost to his stint as Santa Claus, we're looking at this month's festivities in a whole new light. That goes for the beloved Elf on the Shelf too, whom we'll never see the same way after Jason's raunchy skit.

Jason plays Scrappy the elf who watches over a 13-year-old boy named Marshall. During a report back to Santa, Scrappy asks for a new kid after Marshall "figured out he could do some new things with his body." You know what that means, but the other elves and Santa sure didn't. Watch the full skit above to see the inappropriate hilarity unfold, then check out all of Jason Momoa's SNL videos.

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