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Jimmy Kimmel Fortnite Prank Video 2018

If You Ever Want to See Pure Rage, Turn Off Fortnite While Your Kids Are Playing

Jimmy Kimmel made me do it! That's the message parents are repeating to their enraged kids after a Fortnite prank brought on by the late night host. On his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, he challenged parents to turn off the popular video game while their kids were in the middle of playing. I'm not sure Jimmy anticipated the kinds of reactions these moms and dads would get!

While a couple of avid Fortnite players just sat in stunned silence, a few threw out some choice four-letter words and even got physical when their game went dark. Only the brave will come between a teen (or in one case, a dad!) and their video games. Watch the full clip above to get a good chuckle out of an activity that's taken very, very seriously.

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