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Joanna Gaines Cell Phone Rule

Of Course Joanna Gaines Has This Clever Cell Phone Policy With Her Kids

Joanna Gaines is all about family, so it's no surprise that at dinnertime, she has a strict no-cell-phone policy with her family.

"At our house, we keep phones away from the table at mealtimes so we can focus on each other and the conversation around the table," she wrote on her Magnolia blog.

What's more shocking, though? She's hoping to extend that same rule to guests at her and husband Chip's new restaurant, Magnolia Table. And although she won't be banning devices, she is encouraging guests to keep them off the farm-style tables.

To that end, Joanna "incorporated these hanging leather pouches at each table to serve as a place to store cell phones during the meal." She added that, just like the mood she sets at home, "We wanted this to be an option for our guests at the restaurant as well."

So, it appears that if you plan to eat like a Gaines family member, you might as well follow the Gaines family rules.

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