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Mandy Mouse Character Who Uses a Wheelchair on Peppa Pig

Meet Mandy Mouse, Peppa Pig's Newest Character Who Uses a Wheelchair

The playgroup is getting a brand-new addition! Peppa Pig's official Twitter account announced that a new character named Mandy Mouse — who uses a wheelchair — is being written into the show. While we can't get enough of Peppa and the gang already, including characters with special needs is the inclusive take we love to see.

And we're not the only ones who are excited; parents have responded with loads of positive feedback. "My little girl has a wheelchair and she spotted this character in the Peppa Goes to London book yesterday! Great that she's going to be a regular character." Another dad agreed, writing: "Yes! Disability finally represented on my son's favourite program! Well done, he will be thrilled at the newest addition."

Naturally, Mandy Mouse is as cute as can be and even gives a sweet "squeak!" in the 15-second clip. We can't wait to see her as a regular on the show!

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