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Mom Hacks For Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer

16 Tips For Making Summer Fun For Kids AND Mom

Mom Hacks For Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer
Image Source: Pexels / Pixabay

For most moms I know, Summer is a love-hate situation. We love the lack of strict schedules and school-mandated to-do lists (not to mention weather good enough to send our kids outside from sunup to sundown). But Summer also means that we have a lot of hours to fill for our children, and no matter how many awesome new toys we buy or sweet bucket lists we make, we're guaranteed to hear an "I'm bored" or two — probably on day one.

However, there are ways to make Summer blissful for both kids and mom, and the following 16 tips will help you get there. From creating easy to manage Summer shortcuts for everything from empty days and the ridiculous number of snacks you know your kids are going to request to ways to change your own mindset to better enjoy everything the season has to offer, this is how you make this Summer the best yet for you and your kids.

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