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Mom's Plea About Vaccines After Her Son Gets the Measles

1 Mom Is Encourageing Parents to Get Their Kids Vaccinated After Her Son Contracted the Measles

Emily Jane, a mom with a 9-month old son, has recently taken to Facebook to share just how dangerous not vaccinating your children can be. In the now-viral post, she explains how incredibly ill her son has become since contracting the measles.

"To those who make the choice not to vaccinate their children against medical advice, this is what a 9-month-old baby with measles looks like," wrote Emily. She went on to describe all of the terrible symptoms her baby has been experiencing — and it's safe to say we don't wish them on anyone.

"He has been unwell since the 22nd of October," she said. "He has seen eight different doctors and two consultants. He has been in hospital twice. He has screamed in pain for days. He hasn't eaten food for a week. This is the first time he has properly slept in nearly two days. He has such nasty infections in his ears that three sets of antibiotics haven't even begun to help. He is expected to spend the next six weeks in and out of hospital due to the vile repercussions of this horrible illness on his tiny little body."

Now, Emily is warning other parents about the dangers of not getting your kids immunized against a preventable disease.

"This could've been prevented," said Emily. "My baby did not need to go through this. The MMR vaccine is done at 13 months. Children under this age rely on everyone else having made the choice to vaccinate to stop illnesses like this happening. Please vaccinate your children."

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