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Mom's Video About Smug Parents

This Mom Hilariously Explains Why Parents Shouldn't Be So Smug, and Um, Can We Put This on a Billboard?

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Posted by Brooke Binkley on Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brooke Wilkerson, a mom of three, admits that she used to revel in all the compliments she got when she only had one well-behaved "golden child." But as any parent with multiple kids knows, the more little ones you add to the equation, the harder it becomes to wrangle them.

In a now-viral Facebook video, Brooke explains that because every kid is different, some discipline strategies that work for one child may not necessarily work for others, so she'd greatly appreciate if parents keep the judgmental comments to themselves.

"I used to think I was like a really good parent," she begins. "Back when I only had one child and she was like 2 or 3, everyone would talk about how good she was. She was just really well-behaved, and polite, and sweet. And I was kinda like, 'I'm doing alright, I must be killing it at parenting.'"

But then, of course, the second child enters the picture, and you quickly realise that some of your most brilliant tricks suddenly fall on deaf ears. Brooke admits she's run into some pretty smug people who don't quite understand: "People will say things like, 'A little discipline would go a long way. My kids never did that. My kids knew by the time they were 3 how to behave.'"

She goes on to say that, frankly, she doesn't appreciate it. "Oh, thank you, Susan. I never thought of disciplining him. Why didn't I try that before? Is that why he doesn't listen? Because I don't discipline him? Look, Susan, yeah, I've tried to discipline him. I do discipline him. It's just that most of the time it doesn't work. But thank you for your helpful suggestion to discipline my kids. They should have articles online about [that], so people would know you need to be disciplining your kids."

Safe to say she totally nailed it.

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