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Mom on Why Your Kids Shouldn't Eat Things Off the Floor

Mom Proves How Important It Is to Teach Kids NOT to "Eat Things Off the Floor" With 1 Photo

Milly Smith, mom to a 3-year-old named Eli, always watches her son like a hawk. But no matter how vigilant a parent is, accidents can still happen, something Milly's the first to admit. In a recent Instagram post, the mom explained how dropping one of her thyroid pills on the floor could have landed Eli the hospital had he ingested it, rather than showing her what it was.

"This highlights how damn important it is to make sure you teach your children to NOT eat things off the floor and to show them to you immediately," she wrote. "Eli has been taught he doesn't put anything in his mouth from the floor even if he knows it's a sweet. He ALWAYS has to double-check and we reinforce it constantly."

According to Milly, this wasn't just your run-of-the-mill over-the-counter pill. Had Eli swallowed the medication, he would've needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately. Now, she's warning other parents that no matter how careful you are, mistakes — like dropping a pill on the floor without noticing — can happen.

"This is a levothyroxine tablet for a thyroid disorder I have, and [is] strong enough to put Eli in intensive care," she said. "I am the most careful person with my tablets, but even the most careful person in the world will have human error, which is why it's not enough to just keep your meds out of reach."

She emphasized why teaching your kids to never eat anything off the floor at an early age is crucial.

"Eli picked this up off the kitchen floor and immediately came to me to show me," explained Milly. "If he'd have swallowed this I'd be in [the emergency room] right now, or worse. TEACH CHILDREN NOT TO PUT STUFF IN THEIR MOUTHS FROM THE FLOOR. We taught Eli from a very, very young age and so far, we've never had a problem, fingers crossed. Even more important in a household that has a lot of medication."

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