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Nicole Kidman Captures an Enormous Tarantula

Sure, Nicole Kidman Is Doing the Lord's Work by Saving a Tarantula, but My Skin Is CRAWLING

By the looks of Nicole Kidman's recent Instagram post, she's one brave mama. The Big Little Lies star shared a video of her cornering and capturing a gigantic tarantula in a glass jar next to a pool — and boy, are we squirming in our seats.

The mom of four included a caption giving her followers the rundown of the situation — and bless her heart, she saved that creepy, very hairy-looking, eight-legged land creature all by herself. "House guest! Catch and release . . . spider released unharmed and healthy. Happy Sunday."

So far, the video has amassed over 315,000 views since it was posted on Monday — and while we applaud her effort to save her new friend, we can't keep it together when one of her kids asks, "It's a tarantula, right, Mom?" in the background.

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