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Pink's Daughter in the ER After Falling Off Monkey Bars

Pink’s Daughter Had a Run-in With the “Monkey Bars From Hell” and Had a Hilarious Comment About the ER

Quick, someone book Pink a massage, because we can feel her mama stress radiating out of our phones. The mom of two recently paid a visit to the emergency room with her daughter, Willow, after the 7-year-old had a run in with some "monkey bars from hell." In a photo on Pink's Instagram, Willow can be seen sitting on a hospital bed with an ice pack on her wrist. There's no mention of the official damages, but Pink says "she's fine." Her dad, Carey Hart, shared a photo of her in a sling outside the ER doors (with the comment "bubble wrap your kids"), but there's no telling if her little arm is in a cast or not.

Despite taking a kiddo to the ER being stressful, Pink seems to be doing OK thanks to her little one's conversational skills and humour. "ER convos with my soul child," Pink captioned her photo. "Her favourite part of all of this is that she doesn't have to do her chores."

Feel better soon, Willow! (But not too soon that you have to get back to doing those pesky chores, wink, wink.)

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